Insider tips to get better at sewing beads on cloths

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Beads can be used as a great enhancement to your fabrics. Adding beads can make them look more beautiful. This can have an amazing impact.

Cloths are often considered as art. Beads can add texture, sparkle and richness to your art. It can also be a relaxing and wonderfully creative activity.

Like any other skill, it takes time to be good at sewing with beads. There are always things you can do to be better. These tips don’t necessarily make you an expert. Being an expert needs practice. But these tips can make sure that you are going in the right direction. So here are some tips to get better at sewing with beads.

1. A thread is important to stitching and it is also used in attaching beads to a fabric. So you always cut a new piece of thread before stitching right?. Always make sure that you stretch the thread to remove any slacks. Be sure to do this before threading the needle.

2. Threads are used either with single thickness or doubled, right? There is a way to select which one of these is the right way for your bead. Most of the bead doesn’t need a doubled thread. If you unnecessarily double the thread thickness it could look bad. So use double thickness only for sharp beads like bugle beads.

3. Needles used are available in all sorts of sizes. There is one thing that decided the size of needle used, that is the size of the bead hole. Use a thin needle only if the bead hole size is small. Because thicker needles are always better, they are less likely to break and easier to handle.

4. Beads are often sewed to the edges of a fabric and there is an obvious risk to it. When you trim off the edges, the beads can get affected. There is one specific way to avoid this. Always sew straight up or straight down (ie, perpendicular to the fabric.)

5. When you are using a new thread, bury the knot in the stabilizer. To do this always pull the thread through the stabilizer until the knot is buried. After finishing the knot, trim off the tail end. After finishing your work always tie a knot and cut off the rest.

6. Fraying is a real issue with threads. Since while working there is a lot of rubbing and stretching there is a chance for the thread to fray. And if you find the thread you use is fraying a lot, just cut it out and start using another thread.

7. Attaching threads to clothes always require moving from one area to another. All the beads are never attached to the same area. So if you are moving to another area and it is more than a half inch away does not forget to run the thread through the stabilizer. This is to make sure that all the threads are tight and also it will make your work neater.

Kylie Howard