All the different types of beads used for sewing

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Beads are beautiful. They are even more beautiful when attached to a piece of fabric. People knew this for so long that is how the practice of attaching beads clothing began.

Beads have a lot of variety. Each differs in size, shape and colour. So let us take a lot at some of the beads used for sewing with beads.

1. Seed beads.

This name is not definite but something used most commonly. These denote small glass beads that look like plant seeds. The term is sometimes also used to denote all glass beads. Some confusions still exist regarding the name. Sewing with beads like these will be an easy task.

2. Cylinder beads

Cylinder beads are almost similar to seed beads. They have somewhat a similar shape. A standard shape with large holes. These beads are small and look great when sewed with precision.

Cylinder beads come in all kind of colours. The availability of different colours and precise shape makes them the perfect candidate for precision designs. Japan produces the best of these beads.

3. Cut beads

Cut beads also look really similar to seed beads. This is due to the fact that they are small. The sides of cut beads have more cuts than usual, as the name suggests. It causes an extra sparkle. Single cut bead/ charlotte beads have a unique look.

Beads with three cut are called 3 cut bead. They have an extra level sparkle to them.

4. Hex beads

Hex beads are what you get when you combine cylindrical and cut bead. Instead of rounded sides hex beads has six cuts which reflect lights. These look pretty similar to cylindrical beads with their large holes. And they are often used to replace them. These beads are slightly longer than cylindrical beads.

5. Drop beads

Drop beads represent a huge group, these come in a lot of different sizes and the only similarity is everything is shaped like a liquid drop.

Miyuki fringe beads are the smallest drop beads. These beads can add texture to any of your fabrics.

Magatama beads are similar but have more texture.

6. Cube beads

Cube beads as the named suggest shaped like a cube. but not all of them are the same. Different brands have different size. Some may be square and some other may have more rounded edges. Difference occur due to different production methods.

7. Triangle beads

Triangle beads are shaped like triangles. Their sides are flat and they small holes. The flat sides reflect light differently than the other beads.

7. Bugle beads

Bugle beads look like a kind of candy. They are thin tubes and calling them beads can be taken as an exaggeration. They look like stretched out cylinder beads. They come in a whole lot of different lengths.

Bugle beads are often sharp and cause a cut. If the beads are smooth, you won’t cut your finger or the thread. They often come in a wide variety. It may have cut on the sides also comes in some twisted varieties.

Kylie Howard